Effective Chemical Solutions

Allchem Limited offers a wide variety of chemical solutions in the fields of Automotive, Floor Care, Carpet & Upholstery Care, Degreasers, General Purpose Cleaners, Bio Enzymes and Detergents.

Featured products

Kimberly-Clark Jumbo Roll (2 ply)

1 pk (3 rolls) of Bathroom Tissue

  • 1 pk (3 rolls) of Bathroom Tissue
  • Single Jumbo Roll Bathroom Tissue Dispenser (white)

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Kimberly-Clark Hand Towels Roll

3 pks of Paper Towels

  • 1 pk (3 rolls) of Bathroom Tissue
  • Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser (White)

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AllChem Powerful Degreaser

High Alkaline Powerful Butyl Degreaser

A multipurpose, light to medium duty, alkaline, butyl based cleaner and degreaser concentrate. This water-based cleaner is safe to use and is extremely effective in cutting grease and grime on floors, engines, equipment, appliances, and painted surfaces. This versatile degreaser is well suited for cleaning kitchen vent hoods, floors, fixtures and ovens. Industrial cleaning of motors, compressors, engines, condenser coils, walls, and floors are cleaned easily with varying dilutions of the concentrate.

  • Multi-Purpose degreaser
  • Safe on most surfaces

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AllChem Enzymatic Bathroom Cleaner

Enzymatic Bathroom Cleaner

This has been specifically formulated to eliminate organic waste and deposits from lavatory and rest room areas through digestion by enzyme-producing bacteria. The enzymatic action works quickly to digest urine, faecal, and vomit residues from toilets, basins, urinals, and porous tiles when used on a regular basis.

  • Eliminates urine and body fluid residue
  • Neutralizes malodours

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